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  recycle clothes for cash *new*
  Recycle CDs for cash
  Recycle your mobile phone for cash
Save £££ Switch Energy Suppliers -
Free delivery Ethical Supermarket
Support Fairtrade Fortnight
  Green web hosting
Free delivery British Eco - Green products online
  Last ten freebies added
  Before you spend a penny
  Repair - buy spares and repair
Free gift Even Greener
Free money management course *essential*
£2.50 free Cash back shopping
£9.99 Cheapest UK Broadband
Free phonecalls Frugal Home phone
  Skype - free phone calls
  Mobile Phone Abroad
  Natural Collections
  Frugal Finances
  Easi-yo yoghurt maker
  Fairtrade Flowers
Save 100's Discount on energy efficient Electricals
  Earn extra cash
Save £££ Energy Bills - electricity and gas
  Consumer Rights - how to get a refund
Free Seeds Grow your own
  Frugal kettle
  Frugal food tips
  Frugal recipes
  Frugal for life
  Frugal Health
  Frugal Living hints
  Frugal Shopping
  Green books
  Mobile Phone Frugality
  Phone calls -
  Seasonal Frugality
  Sell on ebay to make money
  Shopping in sales
  Solar Power
  Green Transport - Folding Bikes!
  Ways to use less electricity
  Slow cooker recipes
  Reduce Junk Mail
  Wood burning stoves
  Compost Bins
  Wind Power
  Save water
  Solar Hot Water
  Solar DIY
  Sustainable Renewable Living - more reading
  Water Power

Frugal Living top 50 Freebies and ways to save money

Welcome to

If you would like to start living more frugally and saving cash, getting free stuff and finding out about the best ways of saving money then we hope this site will help you.

BRAND NEW TV SERIES - Could you be the person they're looking for?

Are you a master of thrift, an expert in saving money or getting the best deal?

Whether it’s an ability to track down a bargain, a knack for household economy or simply a talent for surviving on little or no money, we’d like to hear from you.

We’re looking for Britain’s thriftiest householders to share their cost cutting tips, however unusual, for a brand new TV series.

Please contact us now:
Cecily Ancliffe on 0207 855 7450 or email


Missing Something?

We're trying to make this site the best frugal living in the uk site we can. So please send us your comments and suggestions if you think we're missing something!
If you'd like to contribute then please get in touch. We'd love to help you share your own frugal hints and savings.

If you think we've missed out an important area you'd like to save money in then let us know and we'll research and produce some freebies and money saving hints for you.

If you'd like to contribute an article or money saving hint then please let us know and we'll publish! The more help and info we have on frugal living and saving money the better!

Update: We know the recession is starting to bite and the best thing to do is to look at what measures you can do to reduce your outgoings whilst increasing your income!

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There are several ways to ensure you have more money.

You can earn more money. By getting an additional job, or a better paid job, working overtime.


You can spend less money.

For the lazy amongst us its often easier to spend less than earn more. We will show you how to spend less without making drastic cuts to your lifestyle.

Save money on phone calls - install Skype and chat for free. You can have a phone number with it from them - so people can "ring" you - but that costs money> The basic service is completely free. Try it. We have! My friend Geoff told me about this and he's always hunting for free ways of chatting to people.
Skype's been bought by ebay.
Has your ISP stopped having newsgroups?Or is their service really not very good? If you'd like a great newservice try Giganews - they have a free trial and very reasonable costs if you decide to stay with them. I use this service!
Free antivirus software - you need this to keep your PC healthy. If you get this its available in a free version AVG antivirus
Dealing with spam is tricky - get mailwasher free - its free for just one email address. Very efficient too!
Free office software - open office
Free accounting software - need to do your books - get this free software
Cheaper than broadband - try onspeed - get faster internet without paying for broadband
Free catalogues - helps you shop around by getting the information you need to your door
USwitch can save you money
Coupon Swapping
Creating your own free business cards
Cheapest broadband in the uk - did you know you can now get broadband for less money than a 24/7 dialup account? See our internet access page for info on Comparing Internet Service providers offering great deals
TV shows about frugal living
Internet and phone calls cheaper with onetel. This includes free weekend phone calls, and Free UK Directory Enquiries
Easy mobile
Cheap Incinerator - for burning garden waste



Be frugal with your freebies. A lot of forums and websites list many freebies we don't. We only list legitimate free stuff which is available to everyone. We don't list freestuff which isn't intended for the general public and we try to make sure that all the freebies we list are valid.


Definition of freebies - a freebie is something you receive for free at no cost. Free stuff can be almost anything. Freebies should be completely free whether receieved by post of as a download.

I've been hunting freebies for many years both online and in the real world. I love trying things for free and have tried many dozens of free samples over the years. In the good old days of freebies on the internet I receievd a fantastic mug from the US, a huge NASA poster, some flipflops from Baileys, loads of free shampoo samples, some anti-aging cream.

I was a student at Liverpool University and remember very well the thrill of threshers fair! hundreds of stalls offering freebies in order to get us to join up. The guardian gave away carrier bags full of goodies as did the times. There were loads of bizarre things on offer but for some reason Liverpool wasn't privvy to the great student pack my friend recieved from the NUS at Manchester! Her pack had a free pot noodle, condoms, tampax and loads of other free stuff! I was *so* jealous. Even though I had just put my grant in the bank and could have gone and purchased hundreds of pot noodles I knew it'd never taste as good as her free pot noodle would!

Some years later and I was climbing at one of Salford Uni's sports halls (on the climbing wall incase you're wondering) and someone came in saying there was loads of free stuff being given away in another part of the building as part of freshers week. Oh it was heaven! The freebies had improved a little - I got a ruler from one of the newspaper's stands, free copy of the paper and some vouchers for discounts.

I'm training my son to love freebies too - we visit the supermarket and always walk past the bit where they put free samples of cakes out to try! As every expectant mum knows there are hundredsof companies wanting to give you free samples when you're pregnant, and in the first few years of having a baby as they know how you're likely to stick with what you know.

I'm now more careful about what freebies I apply for. I only apply for things I want, that I will use and will be useful to me.
I also make sure anything I have that I don't want anymore gets passed on to others, rather than thrown away.




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